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The Drone Industry Map is the largest global database of over 1000 manufacturers, suppliers, startups, investors and other stakeholders active in the rapidly growing drone industry.

The mission of the Drone Industry Map is to boost the growth of the drone industry by enabling all its stakeholders to gain visibility and connect with the right partners for accelerative collaborations.

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Corporate Services

DroneMasters have a history of supporting businesses and organizations across traditional industry sectors in all aspects of vertical mobility. We have driven projects to speed up technological progress, have developed sustainable business models for drone industry stakeholders and are actively working towards effective solutions to regulatory challenges in the drone industry.

Based on our longstanding expertise and extensive network in the drone industry, we offer a wide range of tailor-made Corporate Services:

  • Consulting Services to accelerate your drone-related projects
  • Scouting Reports to boost your portfolio with promising drone investments
  • Matchmaking Meetups to build personal connections with partners at unique events

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NEW: The DroneMasters Matchbook

  • The DroneMasters Matchbook provides a direct and straightforward way to connect vertical mobility startups with investors.
  • Investors get an efficient overview of current investment opportunities in the vertical mobility world.
  • Startups become visible to investors and can verify the uniqueness of their endeavor and find promising cooperation partners.

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